The Start of The War

It started with a protest which escalated to civil war. Innocent people die every day because of this disgusting war. Teen agers who participated in this cause was tortured and some of them were killed. It was worsened why the security forces was advised to open fire to any demonstrators the would see. Many lives were taken and a bigger chaos is yet to erupt.

Rebel Brigades Increasing in Number

More chaos came to the country as more joined rebel brigades. Government tried to control the cities but the resistance is too strong. There were new groups joined the fight against the government like ISIS and Jihadist group.

Suffering of the People

We can’t say how worst the situation now, as we don’t know which parties committed war crimes. All parties were accused of murder, rape, and controlling basic necessities such as food and water as a method of war. Despite UN’s plead to all parties to stop using firearms, the situation continue to worsen. IS was accused of the terrors that are happening in Syria, killing and torturing those who will resist. The people are helpless against their own people who supposed to protect them.

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