Peace for Syria

Syria is lucky to have Southern Front on their side. They have 58 Syria opposition funded by US and other allies which made it possible to sustain the groups expenses and members. Southern group are not like other rebels, they meant no harm, and believes that Islam is not about extremism.

Supporting Friends of Syria

Southern Front agreed to work with Friends of Syria to promote peace and end misunderstanding in the Islamic communities. United Nations continue to intervene and supports Syrian government against being condemned in Security Council Resolution.

Free Syrian Army and Southern Front

Free Syrian Army and Southern Front relationship has many vague new sources about their true purpose. News platforms, most of the time, has incompatible articles of what’s really happening between the two. Saudi Arabia was reported to be donating fire arms to help rebels. As a result, Free Syrian Army established Southern Front to counter the rebels movement against the government.

Civilian Security Force

The government continue to appeal to civilians to help them. They want to stop the violence and more civilians getting hurt in the process. Southern Front has civilian member all through out Syria. Everyone is hoping that one day the conflict in Syria will reach its end.