war aftermath

We see it in the news and we feel helpless of the situation. When we see those horrible features of the victims of war, it is still hard to believe that all these things are true. But they are real, these are people like us who have families and children. Syria is in state where they need to get all the help they can get. Here are some of the organizations you can support.


By donating to UNICEF, you become part of helping innocent children who are in the midst of this war. UNICEF focuses on providing their basic needs such as water, food, and health care.

Karam Foundation

Their mission is to rebuild schools in Syria to bring back the hopes of children for a bright future ahead. They believe that war has no right in preventing children from learning and discover their talents.

National Syrian Project for Prosthetic Limbs

There were many victims of amputation in Syria. This organization helps those people to have access to prosthetics and therapy.

Doctors Without Borders

Volunteers risk their lives to help the people in Syria. They fulfill mission to communities that have no access to medical care and provide it for free.