Syria refugee crisis

3 of the Best Ways to Help Syrian Refugees

Syria refugee crisis

The ongoing Syrian civil war has taken its toll to innocent civilians caught between opposing forces. Millions of Syrians have been displaced over the years with many risking their lives to cross the seas to what they believe would be a safer place. And as the conflict continues, the need for humanitarian assistance grows. To the uninitiated, the Syrian refugee crisis may seem like an overwhelming and complex problem for a handful of individuals to solve. But that does not mean there is nothing one person can do to help. Everyone can choose the best way to help Syrian refugees. The possibilities and opportunities may vary, but taking action is a positive step towards alleviating the struggles of the displaced, especially the most vulnerable.

With millions in dire need of humanitarian assistance, every little help matters. You can donate to local and international humanitarian and aid organizations like the White Helmets and the International Red Cross among others. Or you can also volunteer your time and services to groups that focus on the refugee crisis work.

Support refugees’ efforts get back on their feet
Imagine fleeing your home country and leaving everything you have behind. It would be extremely difficult to find work and get back up on your feet again in a place when you do not even feel welcome. These are just some of the things every refugee have to deal with. And one of the many ways to help them is to support whatever work or business they have. Paying for their services or buying the goods they try to sell can be a huge help.

Educate yourself
Read stories from reputable sources that provide an intimate look into the harsh conditions and the tragic plight of those who are left behind and those who have fled the civil war. Learn about their struggles and the challenges they have to face just to survive. This can provide you with a better grasp of their situation and explore what you think would be the best way to help them.

How To Help Refugees in Syria

syrian watching war

Why Help?

Why do you need to help when it’s not our battle. Some skeptics say that they brought that upon themselves. They may have different religion or beliefs but that doesn’t mean that they are not deserving of our help and support. Remember that those people who are victims of this bloody war, didn’t choose it. They are in a situation where they don’t have control. Like us, they are emotional creatures hoping to live in a peaceful environment for their family. We can’t imagine how painful it is for them to see everyone they love perish because of the war they didn’t choose. Let us show you how you can help.

Be Updated

If you are not a news person, then this is the time for you to be. Watch news and find out what’s going on. Being updated about latest progress of the war gives you idea on what are the needs of the people. You’ll learn more about the victims, the people behind it, and why they do it.


Donations how big or small can make a difference to the lives of the people in Syria. There are many organizations around the world donating goods and services to the victims of the war. If you don’t know any organization that supports this cause, visit these sites:, and


If you have a heart for volunteering, then the people in Syria waits for you. To volunteer, find an organization that you can support and sign up for their volunteering programs. Please remember that there are risk involved in this. As you can see in the news, the severity of the war continuous to escalate. Ask yourself whether you can take the things you would see there. If you are emotionally ready for what you are about to witness, then go for it.

Start a Campaign

The power of social media continuously growing stronger. You can make a difference by encouraging others to take action by simply creating a page or a website such as this. Small things that people do make a difference, so don’t underestimate the possibilities of what you can achieve. Write compelling letters to government agencies to ask them to donate and take actions to help Syria. Create a group, work with people who have the heart to help. Together, you can do fund raising activities which later on you can use to donate to your favorite charity or organization that helps Syria.